Superior Commercial Design

BetterWorkingSpace provides structural engineering services from simple beam design to complex 3D structural analysis, which can include wind and snow loading assessments.  We design 3D structures using timber, reinforced concrete, and steel, including traditional portal frames, cold form structures and hollow sections. 

Our commercial designs are all bespoke and answer individual challenges. Providing tailored solutions to intricate problems is an area we thrive in and we are actively seeking to support other new clients in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Over the last few years BetterWorkingSpace has been developing a partnership with Copri Systems. Copri Systems are leaders in the field of both prefabricated, relocatable, bespoke temporary buildings, and permanent structures. BetterWorkingSpace works with Copri Systems as a structural designer.

We have completed numerous designs, covering a wide variety of activities. These have included sport centres for schools and local authorities, and industrial units for storage and warehousing.

These projects have taken us all over the country, from Guernsey to the far north coast of Scotland, working for clients such as Koito Europe, Howard Tenens, King's College Taunton, BAE Systems and Travis Perkins, to name but a few.


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